We are faith FILLED, culture INFLUENCING, people LOVING, daily GROWING, and extravagantly GENEROUS.

1.    LOVE – We know that Jesus accepted people that others judged and rejected, so we do too. 

2.    JUSTICE – We oppose the injustices that keep people oppressed. 

3.    FAITH – We live on the edge because it takes faith to hang with God. 

4.    EMPOWERING LEADERSHIP – We empower leaders because giving away power doesn’t diminish our influence, it multiplies it! 

5.    UNITY – We major on things that unite people and celebrate all shades of diversity. 

6.    HONOR – We lavish honor because people are valuable and we think they should know it. 

7.    EXCELLENCE – We do everything with excellence because the best message deserves our best effort! 

8.   GOD’S PRESENCE – We worship passionately because the presence of God is more important than perfection. 


Our Mission: To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.